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Running a not-for-profit (NFP) is no easy task. Detailed reporting may be taking you hours or even days to produce, or perhaps you're struggling to keep track of your expenses across multiple programs or projects. Sound familiar? If you're looking for a business and accounting software that allows you to easily raise purchase orders and have approval workflow processes in place, manage your expenses across multiple programs and report down to the detail on where you're spending your funds, Wiise is for you.

See where all your expenses are going and report down to the detail


Get granular details on your expenses

Dimensional tagging helps you tag and track every expense.


See where you're spending

Manage your funds, grants and programs in one place.


Spend less time developing reports

Extract real-time data on your finances, grants and programs

Hear from the CVGT team

Hear from Finance Manager Ben, CFO Matt, CFO and Chairman of the Board Graham, to see just how Wiise has helped their not-for-profit organisation save time, manage their costs and scale their 400+ employee organisation.

Get the fine detail in your reporting

With the ability to tag, track and report on what you are doing as an organisation, you can get the clarity you need around your funds and expenses. Re-imagine your work day with real-time reports that organises your data as it's entered. Don't waste so much time having to organise everything in excel sheets just to be able to report to your team.

Your customers, programs and campaigns in one place

Your customers and campaign in one place

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers and clients are important for every not-for-profit. Wiise gives you the opportunity to group your contacts and message them according to specific campaigns within the internal CRM. Manage your customer relationships to keep them happy and informed, while connecting campaigns directly to your finances when you need donations, pledges and more. 

See your programs and projects clearly

Adapting to changing government requirements, client needs and Board expectations is an everyday challenge within a not-for-profit organisation. With every fund or budget, tracking which program or project they are for and the finer details around what you've actually spent is difficult. With Wiise, you can see clearly what funds are going into what projects and report on them down to the detail - to keep everyone happy.

Built on Microsoft. 100% owned by KPMG Australia.

Tailor Wiise to your not-for-profit organisation with these key benefits

Clarity of what's being spent

See exactly what funds are going to what initiatives. Dimensional tags will give you the fine detail you need.

Report in real time

Produce your most up to date reports, so you can inform your team within a few minutes.

Manage your people effectively

Know who your employees and volunteers are with an HR tool within Wiise that account for your people's information including qualifications and agreements.

Pay your people with ease

Manage the pay of your staff with a localised single touch payroll that streamlines your process.

Save time with integrated banking

With bank feeds and simplify e-invoices, you get funds quickly and you'll be able to see the cash results faster.

Save money on your subscription

Within your single subscription, you can unlock the ability to account for all organisations that you own. See how each organisation is doing in the one solution.

Find out how this not-for-profit organisation saved time by moving to Wiise

See how Wiise helped CVGT sustain growth and keep up with transformation across their entire organisation

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See how Wiise helped CVGT scale, save time on reporting and streamline financial processes

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Read how CVGT were able to transform their organisation by switching to Wiise.

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