For those businesses lucky enough to have switched to remote work, you might find your focus flagging in recent weeks. Or your enthusiasm for working in your pyjamas is starting to wear off. It’s time for a quick refresher on how to make remote working work for your business. 

Here at Wiise, we began as a remote working organisation, and continue to be thankful for that right now. Founders and employees were based in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Canberra and Sydney from the start, so we had to tackle the challenges of a remote workforce from day one. A lot of what we learnt was through trial and error. And no-size fits all as you’ve probably realised. But hopefully, you’ll find some of our practices as a cloud organisation useful for your business, as you continue to operate through these unusual times.  

Stay connected  

The daily face to face chit chat that occurs in a workplace is an essential tool. Many complex problems can be sorted quickly with the right people in the room talking. This needs to be emulated online with a remote workforce.    

Our entire team meets daily. That's on top of regular team meetings. And we mix things up by nominating a new employee each day to run the daily session.  

Communication is also vital to help overcome feelings of isolation and loneliness in our team. This is a very real thing even without the overshadowing gloom pervading this Covid19 timeline.   

Products like Microsoft Teams and Zoom (security misgivings aside) that facilitate chat and video meetings are vital to allow the communications channels to remain open across your company.  

Make your business results oriented  

Every company assumes they already do this, but the reality is a lot don’t. Results oriented means focussing less on managing everyday tasks and trusting in your employees to deliver the outcomes instead.   

By concentrating on what outcomes you’re striving for and empowering employees to walk that journey, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. There’s little need to look over an employee’s shoulder all the time. Right now, you don’t have a choice to do so anyway. And most research out there conclusively points to the fact that productivity is boosted by making the team remote and letting them deliver the results.  

An important addendum to this is the ability to measure results effectively. There’s no substitute for good business intelligence and reporting. And basing the daily meeting around results based reporting is a good strategy for keeping everyone honest.  

Take care of the individuals  

Make time for one-on-ones. This is important. You can have all the team-based communication you want, but you need to reach out to every employee individually regularly. At least weekly.  

There are a lot of people that for various reasons won’t be adapting to this new norm as well as others. It might be the isolation or the lack of alone time in the household. They might have a loved one who’s become infected or another trauma befall them. The only way to get a good feel for each person’s situation is to talk to them individually.  

Provide the right technology tools  

This is part of the article where we put our sales hat on — but it’s important. 😊  

  • You need cloud software to help overcome remote work hurdles  

  • You need to be able to buy and sell from anywhere at any time  

  • You need an effective reporting tool to know where your business is at  

  • You need tools to allow you to communicate with your employees no matter where they are  

All of these needs have technology solutions. Wiise can assist with this, but it’s up to you to do your research. Just feel free to reach out and let us know if there’s any way we can help. 

As always, stay safe, stay healthy and stay away from the biscuit tin.