Managing too many systems in your manufacturing business? Get everything in one hub. Wiise brings all your finance and operations into one place, making it easy for you to track, manage and view your production line. See how many resources it takes to produce an item, save on cost and start planning ahead. 

Get visibility over your production line


Everything in one hub

Landed cost, inventory management and more all in the one place


Save time on reporting

Real-time insights to help you plan ahead

See the fine detail

See every stage of manufacturing through to production order types. You can also include simulation for cost quoting.

Calculate the time and cost of to build

Worry less about cash flow, and spend more time managing your business

Here's a quick demo that shows you how Wiise helps you speed up your accounting and keep track of your finances, so you can focus on what really matters, 

Build items with clarity

Build your items clearly

See what makes up each item you produce with bill of materials. Clearly see any dependencies and accurately  calculate the time and cost it takes to build an item. 
Know your capacity

Know your capacity

Get clarity on how much resource capacity you have to complete a production task, including machine equipment and employee availability. Wiise lets you know what and how much you can produce, so you can make better agreements with your customers and stay on top of your business.

Know the true cost of importing

Know the true cost of importing

Make better buying decisions by knowing the true cost of importing with landed cost. With our landed cost module, you'll be able to see the total expense of receiving a good when selling, including the purchase price, transportation costs and duties to allow you to compare overseas and local goods

More than meets the ii's

See how Wiise can help you streamline your workday

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See how Wiise can help you streamline your workday

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