Brochures for prospective customers

Brochures for prospective customers
Digital brochures are great tools for you to use with prospective Wiise subscribers. They summarise much of the content required to make a decision on why to subscribe to Wiise. In these PDFs medias, you'll find the key benefits of Wiise, the story behind solution, what problems it solves for the customer, pricing and more information - all in helping the prospective customer move closer to a decision..

Generic Info Pack
Wiidened view of what's on offer in Wiise. Contains all packages in Wiise: Lite, Business and Premium. Built upon the main value proposition around clarity for decision making. 

Payroll Info Pack
Paying employees is key for most businesses. In this pack, you'll find everything you need to know about payroll such as benefits, functionality and pricing based on the two packages: Essentials and Plus.

CommBank/Wiise Info Pack
This is a version of the generic information pack however it's tailored for CBA customers and how as a CBA customer, Wiise can benefit the customer.

Not-for-profit Info Pack
This is an altered version of the generic infopack to suit not-for-profit organisations. As NFP's have specific requirements around reporting, fund management and projects, this info pack covers these key needs.

Wholesaler Distribution Info Pack
This info pack looks at some of the key ways Wiise benefits wholesalers and distributors, relating to stock and inventory managment. 

Outgrown Xero eBook
As businesses grow so does their complexity. This eBook covers the top six reasons business who use Xero turn to Wiise.

Outgrown MYOB eBook
How do MYOB and Wiise really compare? Check out the top five reasons why it's a perfect time to think Wiise.