A word from the Wiise

Hear some of our Wiise customer success stories. You'll hear about their experience before and after going onto Wiise. Get it all first hand to understand the reason why others have found value moving over.

Linda's story


Linda, Admin Manager at Dover Heights Community Preschool

As part-time Admin Manager at Dover Heights Community Preschool, Linda considered time the most important factor in her workday. Check out Linda’s story to hear how Wiise helped streamline her workday, spend less time on admin, access real-time cash flow forecasts, all while bringing a cost saving to their business.



Ben, Matt and Graham's story

Ben, Finance Manager at CVGT
Matt, CFO at CVGT
Graham, Chairman of the Board at CVGT

The Wiise team sat down with Ben, Finance Manager, Matt, CFO and Graham, Chairman of the Board, to discuss ways in which Wiise has helped their not-for-profit organisation save time, manage their costs and scale their 400+ employee organisation.


Shawn's story

Shawn, Secretary at Parkdale Cricket Club

Hear from Shawn Dougherty, Secretary of Parkdale Cricket Club, as he discusses the key benefits he sees Wiise bringing to the forefront of their local cricket club. See how Wiise will help save hours on finance administration, improve their inventory levels and give them back more time so they can focus on the community and growing their membership.


Get the case study

See how Jay and his team from The Fresh Collective saved over 8 hours a week on admin just by moving to Wiise.

Find out the top reasons why a well-established hospitality business moved from MYOB on-premise to Wiise. If you've outgrown MYOB AccountRight or are looking for a solution that keeps up with your business, read about Jay's story from The Fresh Collective.