Streamline how you run your manufacturing. Organise your production schedule including the management of your resources such as people and equipment. See your inventory availability and cost clearly so you can make best decisions. Get a new perspective on the fine detail and the big picture you need to deliver goods on time and on budget. 

Build your items clearly

Build your items clearly

Knowing what goes into producing an item is important for most manufacturers. With bill of materials, you are able to account for the fine detail of what makes up each item you produce. There is the ability to have multiple levels that clearly shows dependencies and allows for the calculation of time and cost to build. 

Know what capacity you have to produce an item

Know what capacity you have to produce an item

Not having enough capacity of your resources can become a challenge for any manufacturer. With Wiise, you get the clarity of knowing how much capacity you have available of resources like machine equipment or employees to complete your production task. Ensure you know what you can produce to make better agreements with your customers.

See your full production to get clarity on your decisions

See your full production to get clarity on your decisions

With Wiise, you can see the complete picture of your production from managing every stage of manufacturing through to production order types. You can also include simulation for cost quoting. To get finer detail of your process, you can see planned and firm planned for manufacturing placeholders, released for production on the manufacturing floor and finished for statistical review of costs and wastage. 

See your manufacturing business clearly with Wiise

Tailor Wiise to your business with these key benefits

Clarity of what's on hand

Get clarity on what's available in your inventory across different locations. Know if stock is reserved for another sale or is ready to be sold.

Give variants and substitutes

Keep your customers happy by making sure they get what they want including giving them the right item with correct attributes or giving them the choice to buy a similar or related product.

Flexible purchasing

Create a purchase invoice when you need it. Transform suggested planning lines to supply orders in purchase, transfer, or production stages, and notify the warehouse to pick components.

Prepare a proactive production plan

Make an overall plan that reflects anticipated purchasing, transfer, and production all through the Master Plan Schedule. Even include projected sales sourced from sales forecasting.

Know real import cost

Know precisely how much overseas purchases are costing you with landed cost. Be able to compare actual cost to import versus buying local.

Streamlined reordering

Create rules around minimum and maximum levels for stock reordering. You can also bulk produce replenishment worksheet for all your inventory needs.

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